Cardiac Care Technician course

Cardiac Care Technician Course


A Cardiac Care Technician (CCT) is a health care professional that assists cardiologists in identifying and treating heart conditions. In the health industry, a cardiac technician is often referred to as a cardio graphic technician or cardiovascular technician.

Job Description

Individuals in this position support providers in performing invasive and noninvasive diagnostic exams and therapeutic procedures on the heart and/or blood vessels.

Personal Attributes

Individuals in this position must display enthusiasm and an inventive approach while working as a member of a multidisciplinary team. The candidate should possess strong organizational and time management abilities, as well as an awareness of the human body's structure and physiology, particularly as it relates to the cardio vascular system.

Training Outcomes

  • Independently manage cutting-edge technologies in the field of cardiovascular disease detection and treatment.
  • Understand and implement the sterilization, disinfection, infection control, and aseptic procedures concepts.
  • Under the guidance of a physician, perform invasive and non-invasive diagnostic investigations and therapeutic procedures on the heart and/or blood vessels.
  • Ensure that medical and diagnostic supplies are readily available.
  • Recognize and understand the devices and equipment used in various operations.
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of unique processes and the ability to help in all.
  • Capable of efficient collaboration and effective communication.