Dialysis Technician Courses

Dialysis Technician Course


Dialysis Technician: This position is also known as a renal dialysis technician , hemodialysis technician, or nephrology technician.

Job Description

Dialysis technicians operate machines and provide dialysis to patients suffering from acute or chronic renal failure. They operate mostly in hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers/facilities, some nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and long-term care facilities under the direction of physicians and nurses. They are in charge of operating, cleaning, and sterilising the dialysis machines. Dialysis technicians offer crucial medical, technical, social, and emotional assistance to patients, as well as vital information on patient situations to nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel.

Personal Attributes

This position needs the Medical Lab Technician to collaborate with doctors, pathologists, and scientists. Empathy, attention to detail, dexterity, critical thinking, tenacity, and the capacity to operate in a challenging setting are all essential characteristics.

Training Outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding of Renal Failure (ARF & CRF) and its treatment.
  • Demonstrate pre-dialysis patient evaluation.
  • Exhibit dialyzer extracorporeal blood circuit priming and machine setup for dialysis treatment.
  • Demonstrate aseptic AVF/AVG cannulation and dialysis start-up.
  • Showcase aseptic acute vascular access catheter care and dialysis start-up.
  • Display alarm processing and constant monitoring of the patient and equipment during the procedure.
  • Demonstrate aseptic decannulation and catheter management following dialysis stop.
  • Exhibit careful infection control practises.
  • R.O. Water treatment plant operation and maintenance.
  • Exhibit machine disinfection techniques.
  • Show how to maintain a dialysis machine.
  • Demonstrate manual and automated dialyzer reprocessing (Operating RENATRON, INTERFACE Module & RENALOG-RM software)
  • Showcase your courteous and strategic communication skills, grooming abilities, professional etiquettes, and leadership traits.